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Natraceutical and Laboratorio Reig Jofre approve pro forma combined financial statements

The board of directors of both companies approved the pro forma combined financial statements for the period of nine months ended on June 30, 2014. This information intends solely to facilitate greater understanding of the company resulting from the potential merger


Natraceutical and Laboratorio Reig Jofre join the consolidation process of the European pharmaceutical industry

The new company resulting from the merger will strengthen its position in the pharmaceutical market by means of the synergies in research and development of new products, regulatory knowledge, own production and combined access to more than 60 countries in 5 continents


Announcement of informative presentations on the merger project

After obtaining a favorable report on the exchange ratio by the independent expert and the close of the file on the economic concentration of the merger by the Spanish Commission of Markets and Competition, the comopany announces public presentations on the merger project to take place in the coming weeks.


Convening of the Extraordinary General Shareholders’ Meeting

By agreement of the Company’s Board of Directors reached during the Board Meeting held on 12 September 2014, the shareholders of Natraceutical are called to attend the company’s Extraordinary General Shareholders Meeting to be held, on first call, on October 24, 2014 at 12 o’clock or, on second call, on 25th October 2014 at the same time, in the Valencia Stock Exchange, Calle Libreros 2 and 4 (Valencia)